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Yardlie Brown Hair Color Shampoo
Yardlie Brown Hair Color Shampoo



Yardlie Brown Hair Color Shampoo


Enriched with the goodness of Avocado Oil and Olive Extract with Aloe Vera gel , Yardlie United Kingdom Hair Color Shampoo covers grey hair and gives rich and vibrant color that lasts up to 5 weeks.

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Yardlie Brown Hair Color Shampoo Online Shopping In Pakistan


  • Step 1: Wear the gloves provided and pour the content into a bowl
  • Step 2: Mix it well and apply it within 2-3 minutes of mixing it
  • Step 3: Apply the shampoo on your hair, covering the roots first and then the ends of your hair
  • Step 4: Massage your scalp gently. Let the shampoo stay in your hair for 5-15 minutes
  • Step 5: Rinse thoroughly with water at regular temperature (not too cold or warm)

Yardlie Hair Color Shampoo In Pakistan

Usage:  The usage frequency of this product is subjective to your hair growth. Nevertheless, you may use it every 3 weeks for an evenly distributed color Telemart Pakistan.

Quick tip: Make sure that your hair is free from any oil before applying this to let the product perform optimally.


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