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V Care Intimate Wash
V Care Intimate Wash 100ml



V Care Intimate Wash 100ml


Queen V Queen it up intimate wash is designed to RESPECT your intimate micro-V-iome. Good and bad bacteria thrive in and around your vaginal ecosystem, aka the intimate microbiome.

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Feminine Cleansing Treatment-100ml

V Care Intimate Wash An effective and safe wash, is a unique combination of Lactic acid (a natural antiseptic) & Alo barbe Extract can be used daily during bath & after bath. Helps to restore the pH level skin,. V Care Intimate Wash 100ml Cleanse, refreshes & lightens external V zone skin Online Shopping In Pakistan.

V-Care Feminine Hygiene Wash Antibacterial Liquid Wash By Queen

  • Antiseptic wash with pH balance.
  • A daily feminine hygiene wash
  • Helps to control bad odor, itching and excess discharge.
  • Cleanse, refreshes & lightens skin.
  • 100 ML Hygiene Wash.
  • Help to control bad odor.
  • No more vaginal itching & discomfort.
  • Safe due to its natural ingredients.


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