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Neo Hair Lotion
Neo Hair Lotion Green Wealth



Neo Hair Lotion Green Wealth

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Hair Treatment Root Nutrients Effective 100%. People with hair loss, baldness, baldness, men and women can help reduce hair loss, baldness, help blood circulation on the scalp. Hair transplant. Make me hair black and thick.
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Neo Hair Lotion 120ml Price In Pakistan

it is a natural proven treatment for baldness, hair loss, thin hair, dandruff and scalp diseases etc. Neo Hair Lotion helps hair roots & new hair cells regeneration. 100% herbal, It Stimulates blood circulation of the scalp and makes the hair roots get better nutrients Online Shopping In Pakistan.

SAW PALMETTO: Saw palmetto is a natural remedy used to treat hair loss. its a plant with small berries that haS been used by Native Americans as medicine and food for hundreds of years . An extract of saw palmetto berries blocks 5-alpha-reductase an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. is the molecule
responsible for hair loss.

CUCUMIS MELO EXTRACT: Neo Hair lotion uses Cucumis Melo Extract which is a form of vitamin B which required to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth .This vitamin is mostly found in cirtrus fruits except for lomon .Cantaloupe which is also know Cucumis Melo Extract is well used in Neo Hair Lotion and reguLar usage stimulates hair growth.

EQUISETUM ARVENSE EXTRACT: Also Know as horsetail promotes healthy hair based on its silicon content ,impact on callagen, antioxidant properties Horse Tail in Neo Lotion has natueal silica which provides resistance to hair breaking ,improved hair streangth and growth .It ia useful for cleaning ,reduces dandruff and boosts scalp circulation .It also stop hairs loss and generate new hair growth.

GINSENG RADIZ ALBA: Ginseng is traditionally used as an important herbal medicine. Red ginseng is extracted fron the steamed root of Korean ginseng and has various health benefits it is used for treating numerous hair diseases such as AGA and AA due to its promotion hair growth activity Ginsenaside RG3 has upregulated the expression of VEGF in human dermal papilla cell and mouse hair follicles.

Neo Hair Lotion Results:

neo hair lotion results

Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion Benefits:

  • Stimulates gore currency among the scalp
  • Helps transporting nutrients faster
  • Activates or nourishes the cable roots because of ideal growth.
  • Reduces the results over DHT,
  • Enabling greater nutrients to remain transported quicker
  • Is Anti-inflammatory or wealthy of vitamins you nutrients,
  • With a deep nurturing sogginess as is additionally sealed among the hair
  • Can stay ancient in all cloud sorts for growth – even beards or eyebrows!
  • No chemical compounds
  • No side effects


1 review for Neo Hair Lotion Green Wealth

  1. Ali Ahmed Khan

    Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion is a thin hair solution that stops hair loss. Safe and Natural Ingredients Cucumis melo, Ginseng Radix Alba, and Equisetum Arvense

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