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Lichen Brown Hair Color Shampoo
Lichen Brown Hair Color Shampoo



Lichen Brown Hair Color Shampoo


Lichen dark hair shading cleanser in Pakistan is another hair care item in a recipe of normal costly Chinese home grown meds, created by means of Lichen overall Exploration place dependent absolutely upon the qualities of hair of oriental, joining global unrivaled natural hair-care age

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Lichen Hair Color Shampoo ( Brown ) Online Shopping

Lichen Brown Hair Color Shampoo Lichen Earthy colored Hair Variety Cleanser in Pakistan Vitamin B5 Reestablishes Your Harmed Hair Perfect, Dark, Care three of every one. Recover your attractive dark hair with this progressive generally straightforward moment blacking cleanser. 5 mints dark your hair and stays as long as about a month. Reinforce and clumsy the hair and hair root. Give the Hair a Hazier with a luxurious and glossy look.

Water, Acetyl liquor, hydrolyzed protein, L-ascorbic acid, p-phenylenediamine, aminophenol, hydrogen peroxide, flavor, sodium sulfite. Luxuriously contains normal Sustenance and compound in the midst of For Outer Utilize As it were Follow Global Design moving.

Lichen Hair Color Shampoo Price In Pakistan

1- Radix Linderae

Hair darkening and care supplement hair pigmentation.

2- Gingko

Deep moistening and care, supplement nutrition and water needed health hair.

3- Ginseng

Hair darkening and care, providing you with dark and shiny hair.

4- Angelica

Hair care and conditioning provide you with healthy and thick hair.

5- Ganoderma Lucidum

Supplements trace elements and provide robust hairy root.

6- Fleeee Flower Roots

Hair darkening and care, providing you with dark and shiny hair

How to Use Lichen Hair Color Shampoo?

Do Skin allergy test 24 hour before use.
Wet Hair
Put on Gloves
Pour the whole sachet shampoo into palm, mix, apply to hair.
Massage for 5-10 mints
Rinse Hair thoroughly for better result, use one in a month.


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