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Infrared Foot Massager
Infrared Foot Massager



Infrared Foot Massager


Seek profound recuperating treatment for your feet with the Infrared Foot Massager. Our Foot Spa has 6 back rub heads with 18 turning hubs that are intended to create pressure point massage that objectives the best tension marks of your feet!

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Infrared Foot Massager Online Shopping In Pakistan

Infrared Foot Massager in Pakistan Other than this, our feet massager doesn’t just give you a relieving profound tissue manipulating yet additionally has an intensity capability that assists you with loosening up your muscles totally. Vibration parts of the surface jutting granular animate sole radiation zone, initiating insurance.

Infrared Foot Massager Aside from that, our Foot massager upgrades the insusceptible framework and dials back maturing, additionally facilitates the aggravation brought about by wearing high-obeyed shoes. It sets aside your cash and time going to the foot spa salons. The gibbous surface could work up the needle therapy of feet. Outfitted with jutting head vibration rub as indicated by life science, animate thenar focuses, work on resting quality Telemart Pakistan.

Expanded dissemination and blood stream help to convey supplements to your furthest points. You can undoubtedly turn on/off this capability physically on the off chance that you don’t like to utilize it.

  • Vibration Back rub.
  • Attractive wellbeing.
  • Far-Infrared temperature hot spa.
  • Temperature can arrive at more than 40’c.
  • Foot point knead toward all path.

Foot Massager Product Specification:

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: White
  • Power:3W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Frequency: 60HZ
  • Size:34*32*7.5cm
  • Net Weight: About 1.5KG



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