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GUANJING stretch marks cream 80g
Guanjing Anti Stretch Mark Cream



Guanjing Anti Stretch Mark Cream

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Proudly Import From eBay This Cream Prevents and fades stretch marks. Scars and wrinkles Restores skin elasticity and smoothness. Makes the skin firm and supple.

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GUANJING Stretch Marks Cream 80g Reduce Stretch Marks

GUANJING 80g Stretch Mark Removal Cream Treatment Postpartum Obesity Pregnant Women Repair Anti-Aging Anti-Winkles Firming Scar Remover Cream Online Shopping In Pakistan

How to use:

1. Take an appropriate amount on the entire abdomen.

2. Place your palms in the middle of your abdomen and gently press the bottom upward.

3. Gently work from the center of the abdomen to the other side.

4.Place your hands on your stomach and begin to massage gently for 3 to 5 minutes.



1 review for Guanjing Anti Stretch Mark Cream

  1. Syeda Ayesha

    It can effectively and gently lighten stretch marks and improve pregnant scars. Bring back your smooth and tender belly, bring back your happy life.

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