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Femme Gel
Femme Gel



Femme Gel


This vaginal lubricating gel is formulated to increase comfort during those intimate moments. A non-hormonal product, the gel is water soluble and non-greasy. 
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Feminine Gel Online Price in Pakistan

This product is made using all-natural substances with no adverse effects.
A product is tailor-made for the health & comfort of women. It is a water-soluble, clear & non-greasy & non-hormonal product.
Directions Of Usage: Apply the desired amount of the gel to intimate areas. Re-apply as needed but start slowly until you find the amount that is right for you.
  • Effective and safe.
  • Increases vaginal lubrication
  • Restores vaginal elasticity
  • Restoring the suppleness of the vaginal wall effectively.
  • Reduces the irritability caused by vaginal dryness.
  • Reshapes the vaginal walls by contracting them to the natural size.
  • Make you feel younger and rejuvenated.


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