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Electric Foot Massager
Electric Foot Massager



Electric Foot Massager

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Made of high quality ABS. Designed with kneading and rolling to relief tension and fatigue with traditional shiatsu and reflexology therapy. Kneading discs with elastic step width and handy touch-panel control on case, automatic massage program with 4 optional modes.

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Electric Foot Massager Love the squeez, now feel the warmth.With inspirations from the most pampering warm-spa experience, the new F01 foot massager takes leg massage and rejuvenation to the highest level. With innovativeto soothe tired muscles and improve blood circulation,Foot Rollersto target various health-reflexology points andSqueezing Massagersthat totally relax your calves, ankles and feet, all at the same time.

  • unique foot massager that integrates massaging, rolling and kneading action
  • Customizable electric massager with dual mode vibrating programs and kneading actions
  • Three speed levels massager
  • Designed to work on the muscles of calves, foot, arm and ankle
  • Equally beneficial for the patients suffering from diabetes, arthritis and bunion
  • Help to reduce the symptoms of sore feet, swollen feet and general foot pain.
  • This foot massager Improve the circulation of blood in the body
  • Easy to carry handles

1 review for Electric Foot Massager

  1. Azhar Iqbal

    A 10-minute foot massage on a regular basis with an electric foot messenger can help improve cardiovascular health by increasing blood circulation throughout the body and lessen the workload of circulation on the heart, keeping it strong and healthy.

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