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Derma Roller 540 Titanium Needles 0.5mm
Derma Roller 540 Titanium Needles 0.5mm



Derma Roller 540 Titanium Needles 0.5mm


Be confidently gorgeous and look your absolute best by reducing unhealthy skin conditions. Our 540 high quality needles are rolled gently over the skin to create thousands of minuscule contact points, encouraging a natural healing process to rejuvenate and repair the skin for a smoother, younger, healthy looking appearance.

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Derma Roller 540 Needles 0.5mm In Pakistan

  • Keep your skin looking young and healthy.
  • High density 540 needles cosmetic instrument is non-invasive as it does not penetrate living skin cells.
  • The 0.5mm micro dermatology needles are safe for home use to remove dead skin cells giving your skin a fresh look.
  • Provides an affordable solution to your skin care needs giving your skin a luminous look.

Derma Roller In Pakistan

This Derma Roller can stimulate the production of new collagen. The 1.5mm length needle for even white streaks is slightly less visible before treatmentTo disinfect, you can use denatured ethyl alcohol at 90 degrees, or it can be subjected to ultraviolet radiation for 45 minutes. The plastic container to protect the heads of the external agents, is very useful This derma roller is a perfect kit for small wrinkles on the face, freckle, scars, it is also perfect for the body for stretch marks and cellulite. It manages to regenerate the skin naturally. A perfect result as beauty salons can perform in the comfort of your own homeTo obtain excellent results, it is recommended to use the product in combination with a facial serum, after passing the dermis roller, it takes some time before applying the serum. Therefore, the benefits will be noticed before, you will have the skin regenerated with a noticeable increase in elasticityThe Derma Roller includes 3 separate heads for each need of the skin head with 1200 pcs 1.5 mm needles to reduce scars, stretch marks, cellulite and flaccidity of the skin; Head with 600 pcs 1.0mm needles to counteract the effects of aging skin of the face; Delicate head with 180 pcs 0.5 mm needles to treat sensitive skin of eyes and lipsSpecifications:* 1200 pcs head with 1.5 mm needles: for scars, stretch marks, cellulite and flaccidity of the skin* Head with 600 pcs with 1.0 mm needles: to counteract the effects of aging skin on the face* Head with 180 pcs with 0.5 mm needles (the most sensitive): Perfect for treatment of the most delicate parts of the face such as eyes and lips


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