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Dark Brown Hair Color Shampoo VIP
Dark Brown Hair Color Shampoo VIP



Dark Brown Hair Color Shampoo VIP

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Women prefer the VIP Hair Colour Shampoo over any other crème color / gel color hair dye or Shampoo. Women love the secret salon hair colour looks which they get at the comfort of their home. This works as the best hair colour for women also.

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VIP Professional Hair Color Shampoo,200ml Dark Brown

VIP HAIR COLOUR SHAMPOO BROWN 180ML , Brown: VIP Hair Colour Shampoo has revolutionized the way to color your Hair, Moustache, Beard, Chest Hair and Hand Hair. Say Goodbye to traditional black hair dye (or) old fashioned hair color shampoo (or) hair dye shampoo. In One easy DIY hair colour shampoo application, you can get rid of grey hairs in Head, Beard, Moustache, Chest and Hand. This Instant Hair Colour Shampoo is clinically proven and certified that it does not stick on to your hands.

This patent pending natural hair colour shampoo is an unisex hair color product that can be used by both Men and Women. Available as Black Colour Naturals Shampoo and Brown Colour Naturals Shampoo, this instant hair color shampoo has truly simplified the way you colour your hair! Since this insta shampoo based hair colour does not stick on your skin and only sticks to the hair, this is preferred over conventional hair dye, hair cream colour, henna hair colour powder and henna hair color shampoo products. VIP will be the top choice for customers looking for both hair colour black and hair colour brown! It’s now very simple to colour your hair without using Gloves, Bowl & Brush. In three Easy Steps,

VIP 5 in 1 Hair Colour Shampoo base Hair Color Shampoo, Brown 180ml

  • Can be used in bare hand, five in one head / moustache / beard / chest and hands, no ammonia, no tears, no stains.
  • Pleasant fragrance and long lasting
  • Expiry is 2023
  • Color Dark Brown
  • Its HALAL not Vegan (Haram)

1 review for Dark Brown Hair Color Shampoo VIP

  1. Ayesha Khalid

    Women simply love the brown shade of VIP Natural hair color shampoo as this acts as both hair colour shampoo and hair colour conditioner. The VIP Hair Colour Shampoo is long lasting upto 3 weeks and it provides natural gloss colour and stunning looks that is visible to our eyes.

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